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A good durable interior wallpaint?

(Zen) #1

Hi Folks,
does anyone have a good suggestion for a good durable interior wall paint in white?
I have noticed that Dulux Diamond matt seems to mark very easily, even if it does wipe clean.
I have a hall stairs and landing to do in an ultra contempory designed home. The walls meet marble floors, no skirtingboards. So that is gonna take some stick. Its a large area all white. If you have any thoughts i would love to hear them.

(greenpainting) #2

There isn’t much that’s more durable that Diamond. But is it worth considering eggshell rather than matt? It will give a little more durability and won’t mark as easily. Matt looks better but sometime you need to compromise.


Two other paints to look at are, Crown Clean Extreme which is a Scrubbable matt and can be mixed to most colours or Little Greene Intelligent Matt which is a very nice drop of paint.

(darlic) #4

crown extreme used quiet a lot of it, good for them type of jobs,something I have also done and that’s use varnish over the emulsion,works very well.

(darlic) #5

Been using this and it’s very durable.

(Craig Brooks P & D) #6

I use quite a bit of clean extreme. Coverage can be iffey. Especially with white and very boxy round cutting in etc

Looking into using Benjamin Moore paint at the mo

(darlic) #7

Crown extreme is a bit prices for what it is,don’t you think.

(Craig Brooks P & D) #8

Cheaper than vinyl matt at my store? White is around 28.99 and colours around 40 inc vat

Much cheaper than others

(markjuk) #9

Take a look at Tikkurila Optiva 5 from

(Ally Thompson) #10

Evening everyone
I’ve been using Johnston’s durable matt !
I think its great & reasonable at £25+ vat
But I’ve come across a cracker Fleetwood acrylic matt £24 all in its great Adam would be a good man on this one

(darlic) #11

Never heard of fleetwood ,but will try,thanks for the tip and keep them coming.

(Ally Thompson) #12

Fleetwood is an Irish paint company. They seem more orientated to the retail market but any I’ve used is very good quality.

(darlic) #13

Used mathys recently that was quality

(pd67) #14

I’d second Tikurilla Optiva 5

(darlic) #15

is this the johnstons cover matt your talking about?when you roll is it a tacky paint?

(darlic) #16

Any recomendations on a good quality 100 PERCENT acrylic emulsion?