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Advice needed on good working platform

(darlic) #1

We work on park homes bungalows I need to update our current working platforms, and would rather get my advice from here …We need something like small steps that will be fit for purpose have bought a ladder that’s fibreglass which is excellent with this I can reach up to the gutters to unclip.

(Andy Crichton) #2

have you looked into this platform.

(darlic) #3

Axminister don’t sell these any more Andy ,any idears where I can source one from.cheers

(darlic) #4

Also need advice on low level work platform for cutting in ceilings, at the moment we are using fibreglass steps but we are looking to run as effiecnt as possible, I feel its costing us time, please read the above posts cheers.

(Andy Crichton) #5

Not sure where to source them tbh. The one I have is made by gorilla, there is another brand with a similar fold up design called metaltech.