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Alternative to Sikkens XD

(andybury) #1

I’m on the look out for an alternative to Sikkens XD I been using it for the last couple of years and love the finish. But it can be hardwork to use, any suggestions?

(Andy Crichton) #2

Sikkens AZ is a strong paint.

Or a long shot, try sign writers enamel.

(Paints and Interiors) #3

Have a look at the Global Paints i tested earlier in the year. Superb gloss levels and very easy to use.

Both Oil based finishes from Holland - Brilliant coat SB and SPU Gloss.

(pd67) #4

Have you tried Tikkurila Miranol. Very high gloss finish

(andybury) #5

No but just had a look there website and i’m going to try some TIKKURILA paints. Order going in this week. Thanks Andy

(pd67) #6

Good call Andy.
My system for exterior work is Otex primer followed by Unica Akve on windows and doors, fascia etc.
Valtti Opaque on weather boards. Easy to use and a great finish.

(andybury) #7

Ordered, looking foward to trying it next week. Thanks Again.

(andybury) #8

Undercoated some fascias and soffits today and was very impressed with the Otex primer. As you said easy to use and drys very quick to give a lovely flat finish.

(pd67) #9

Using Water based Unica Akva is a great 3 coat system can be done in a day as well.

(andybury) #10

Were can I get it from? had a look at Holmans and couldn’t find it?

(pd67) #11

This might help.

I get mine from a distributor up here but it comes from Edinburgh.