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Anything new out there

(darlic) #1

Hi folks is there anything new out there i should no about .Whether its new brushes,paint,decorating tools,
any info warmly appreciated.

(Dave King) #2

Stack Racks are quite new if you are into spraying at all?

(Andy Crichton) #3

I am quite interested in ways to reduce the amount of water based paint being flushed down the drain when trade and DIY are cleaning their brushes and rollers. Nobody means any harm, but our water systems are being heavily polluted through lack of education.

There are several very cool developments covered here, how to clean brushes Coincidentally I have been asked to trial a new system for keeping wet paint brushes in good condition overnight ready for carrying on next day. Super simple concept. I will pass on info if it works.

(darlic) #4

i look forward to them trail results.cheers andy

(darlic) #5

What about using airers you dry clothes on, any thought?

(Andy Crichton) #6

That is a very temporary and limited method, as you soon discover, doors and drawers weigh a lot more than trousers and undies and it does matter if painted doors fall on the floor.

(matt) #7

Are the stack racks on sale here yet?

(Dave King) #8

Coleman brothers are having a lot sent over from the US. They should arrive any day now.

(Dave King) #9

Graco have recently launched some new RAC X fine finish, low pressure tips. These are supposed to allow the pump to run at 50% normal pressure, reducing overspray and lengthening tip life.

(Andy Crichton) #10

I will be interested to see how they stack up, pardon the pun. I looked into them quite closely a while ago. From memory, layer for layer the US prices worked out about the same as an Erecta Rack. I don’t know what UK prices will be, and I have not used them, so I guess we wiill watch this space to see what the benefits / advantages are in real world usage when painting in the UK.

(matt) #11

Be interesting to see the cost I looked online and the contractor pack is around $90.