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Best Finish For a Walnut Floor?

(Amateurhour64) #1

Afternoon all.

Been spending the last year stripping & refinishing American Oak flooring in lounge and hall with Osmo Raw and whilst murderous hard work, has come out a treat.

But now I have a bathroom floor that I need strip & refinish but it’s very dark solid hard wood. Skirtings also and door.

It’s in great physical condition, no scratches, dents etc.

Last time (maybe 12 years back) I hand sanded and just put a ploy varnish on it (several coats) … very basic Ronseal stuff. Surprisingly it looks ok and has held up well but it’s way to high gloss and I think I can do better having done the other floors.

That said, I don’t know best way to go? … stripping no problem but the Osmo Raw would not work on it.

I think an oiled finish would look good or a mid satin sheen.

Wandering if anyone had any recommendations or ideas that could achieve that? Love Osmo and happy to stick with that but for some reason I have a feeling oils might be way to go?

Anyway advise and experiences would be very welcome as always.

All the best

(tehomas ) #2

mylands mylac various finishes available

(Amateurhour64) #3

Hi tehomas, looks very interesting … taking a read right now.

Never heard of this one but then then again my shop list was limited to Dulux, Polyfiller and Ronseal until about three years back :slight_smile:

Is wonderful when the blinkers come off and you see the light with new quality products. Many thanks for taking the time to let me know about this. AH64

(tehomas ) #4

no problem they are a great company with tons of heritage in the stains and oil world not to mention there paints

(Amateurhour64) #5

Have to confess to being totally won over by Osmo Polyx on the light oak in it’s matt format.

Strange when you find something that works so well it’s a bit of a toe curl to step out of the comfort zone but the pedigree of the Mylands stuff you can see from the web site for sure.

Will let you know how I get on … probably next month when start. But thanks again for the steer

(tehomas ) #6

the osmo is a great product as well . takes too long to dry for me personally

remember if you dont jump.the parachute wont open lol

(Amateurhour64) #7

Ahh but for us toe dippers that is not such a bad thing. If I were doing it to make a living (which with our family I increasingly think I am … just without the pay element!) then I would probably take a different view…

Yes have to say I am very much an Osmo fan … it’s not let me down once to date but precisely as you say about the parachute … like the analogy … thanks tehomas