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Best paint for high traffic areas

(darlic) #1

I am looking to research the best paint for high traffic areas, like walls that will see kids fingerprints, I painted my front room recently with manor emulsion,execllent paint,but noticed where my daughter puts the washing to dry on the radiator, marks on the wall, I was thinking maybe use a polyvine matt varnish? But when going into customers houses it would be nice to have a armour off info up my sleeves ,off
paint with proven track record to work in areas that will receive high traffic.cheers jason

(dave D9 decor) #2

try Dulux Diamond Matt - very robust and a good flat finish. I often recommend for Hall Stairs Landings and Kitchens. The downside for me with Dulux is that their colour tinting isn’t too accurate! But Diamond Matt is a great product.

(darlic) #3

Crown extreme is meant to be good reading the brochures from crown at the moment.


I would use, either Crown Extreme or Little Greene Intelligent Emulsion.

Both are very good and hardwearing, can’t really comment on the Dulux as its been so long since I last used any of their emulsion.

(Martin Guest) #5

I’m with Neil on this one. Little Greene Paint Company, Intelligent Matt Emulsion; Great finish, hardwearing, very forgiving when applying, great colour range, excellent in areas of high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms.

(darlic) #6

When I go in on jobs with high traffic ,with the sticky finger brigaid,i am going to suggest to the customer we use crown extreme in the areas, with high traffic, and on all the other walls crown trade,so my excellent decorators merchants tells me there’s no difference in colour, any other idears.would be warmly welcomed.

(Paints and Interiors) #7

Hi Jason

Try eicó Alterior Matt. Made with pure acrylics and tintable it is an interior/Exterior grade emulsion. It has an added fungicide (Industrial Vinegar) and is scrubbable. See link -
It is French but lists pen, wax crayon, scuff marks from shoes and also suitcases.

Let me know if you wnat any more info.

(darlic) #8

Thank you ,I have got the gloss ,how much is 2.5 litres ,also do you do colour charts, so I can show my customers.cheers jason

(Paints and Interiors) #9

Hi Jason

2.5 is £28.75 ex Vat. If you need a colour card send me your details and i will pop one in the post.



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(claytondecorating) #10

Without a doubt it has to be Mythic classic eggshell or flat matt. Highly scrubbable and more durable than diamond eggshell/matt. It has has next to no odour so the room can be painted and used the same day. I just redecorated a flat completely in mythic including hand painted wardrobes etc and it’s perfect.

If you require anymore information on it, look up “mythicpaintuk” on twitter and ask them to send you an information pack or ask them to ring you, they will explain everything. Trust me, their range of paint is amazing and the colour range can be mixed into every from thing fired earth to dulux and everything inbetween. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

(Andy Crichton) #11

Can you clarify the level of service and colour mixing with Mythic please.

I along with several in TP were all over Mythic when they first came out. I did a “Mythic house” and have used a lot of their products and found it to be exceptionally good paint, especially the flat matt and the semi gloss is a super exterior woodwork paint, and others, as you describe.

But there was a growing amount of disillusionment with customer service, if anything went wrong it was difficult to get a resolution, and colour matching was patchy and to my knowledge, most of their biggest fans have pretty much given up on it apart from the primer which is white and you can’t go wrong with that.

What can you tell us has changed?

(claytondecorating) #12

Customer service has been 10/10. I had a problem with the flat matt. Brewers didn’t shake the tins for long enough and it flashed on the ceiling. I phoned up Ed from mythic, the same day the tins that went wrong were collected and they supplied new flat matt the next day! I was very impressed with that. They have also offered to come out and help me select certain products and help with quantity pricing etc.

Colour matching has been very good so far, haven’t had any drastic colours yet but as you know I’m periodic properties so I won’t get any orange or purples normally.

(Amateurhour64) #13

Having just used the white and colors in the Eico Alterior range that Ben mentions above and with only Dulux Diamond (which was in fairness far from bad) as a previous reference I can say that that applies well and settles even better. Is quality stuff and we will be reusing…not used the Mythic paint so cannot compare.

Not the main event but the can it comes in is great as well with a sealing system that avoids a lot of the crud that forms around the Dulux ones. They are very re-usable as a paint tin and such like…not the prime reason to buy but useful all the same.

(Paints and Interiors) #14

Thank you for the feedback on the eicó Andrew. I know that another TP’er JAG also really likes the eicó range and has found a perfect partner for them in ‘The Fox’ brushes!!

(Amateurhour64) #15

Yep I used a Fox brush also, and a Pelican cutting in brush and the Wooster rollers Andy recommended in his smooth wall finish article. Result is amazing. Right tools, right materials and all that.