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Best Practice Wall Polishing & Painting

(Amateurhour64) #21

Was just replying to another post about Venetian plaster finishes and made reference to your article above Andy.

Just to mention I must read this six times every time I do another room! Interesting this time, I noted your comment about making pencil grid lines when plastering and more specifically sanding. I’ve never done this but did this time.

What a huge amount of difference it makes to time and quality … unbelievable! I must have lost so much time in the past it’s unreal. It’s a fiddle putting the lines on but the time saved and the avoidance of second and third sanding pass over is huge.

Just goes to show how the process can always be improved. Cheers

(Andy Crichton) #22

Pencil behind the ear when sanding big areas, gold dust. :grinning:

(Amateurhour64) #23

Really is, such a small detail, such a huge improvement in time usage and frustration levels! :slight_smile: