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Black matt exterior paint

(andybury) #1

Looking for recommendations for black matt paint for facias and paneling on a job coming up. Would prefer a none oil based product. Been having a look at Mythic paints.
Any help would be greatly recieved.

(greenpainting) #2

Hi Andy. I’ve used Bedec MSP on external wood and stone - it was satin but they do it in gloss and matt too and it’s pretty good stuff.

(FX Decor Ltd) #3

Hi Andy, check out the paint & paper website and take look at Alcro modern olefarg, I’ve used this in numerous colours and will give you a dull eggshell finish, just make sure you prep sufficiently over existing oil based products.
If it’s new timber there is a linseed oil based product which goes under the name of "besta"

(andybury) #4

Just reading up on Bedec MSP and if its going over oil based gloss do you need to undercoat or is it self undercoating.

(greenpainting) #5

It’s self priming and undercoating. If your surface is properly prepped two coats of MSP will do the job.

(andybury) #6

Thanks guys for the recommendations.