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Brushes for hand painted kitchens

(Puma) #22

I had good results with the Proform Contractor with Mythic Semi-gloss. A big fan of the Mythic eggshell on walls due to the great opacity but it really doesn’t like levelling out very much and would be reluctant to dry it on a kitchen, unless it was very thin.

(Oisin) #23

Hey guys, I’ve recently started using the Wooster Chinex for water based eggshell. I’m up to my tonsils in Purdy brushes but felt that I needed something better for waterbased eggshell/satinwood. The Chinex has a slightly stiffer bristle and holds less paint which gives you a lot more control and makes the job so much easier

(greenpainting) #24

Wooster Chinex good for lots of things - especially cleaning. I was amazed after cutting in a room I could just run it under the tap and it came pretty much clean in a few seconds and completely clean after gently working it with fingers.

(Lee Simone - Imaginative Interiors) #25

I discovered Royal Lanickel brushes a couple of jobs ago and think they’re brill so thought I’d share :-). I’ve used them as a laying off brush on a couple of recent hand painted kitchens and they work perfectly and what’s more they are seriously cheap as chips!

(5Bridge) #27

They sell the langnickel brushes on Amazon

(5Bridge) #28

Test drove a TClass brush today using isofix. Comfortable and a lot of power especially as I was in a really hot kitchen with an aga. Had about 30 seconds working time even using thinned out method and a pot to hand. Allowed the paint to go on, worked and smoothed out , was impressed.

(Martin Guest) #29

Hey Lee, how did the Chinex work in Isofix - wasn’t it be a little harsh??? the T-Class Chinex is a comfortable brush… had a meeting with the MD of L G Harris & Co Ltd. (T-Class) last weekend, he really rated the Chinex brush, be did concede that it may be a little stiff in lighter paints - Shellac based paints seem to transcend viscosity; go from being very thin to closing before your eyes…

(5Bridge) #30

Hi Martin. It’s hard to judge a brush in isofix nest pas? Anyway, the conditions were bad BUT the brush got a good coat on in hard circumstances. I’ve tried a few, would use it again. What do you prefer ?

(Martin Guest) #31

who am I to judge!? - like much, brushes are so subjective… you know; if you like it, then use it.

As you might expect, I tend to use little but the FOX range at the moment.