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Cleaning hinges

(garyscott25) #1

Hi all . I’m on a job now and there is paint all over the hinges on the doors . It’s not off us !! Honest … anyway I said I’d clean them up . But I don’t want to scratch them . What’s the best practice for doing so . Thanks for any tips

(darlic) #2

super stenghth upvc cleaner from decorating direct

(garyscott25) #3

Cheers mate . Il get some . Any particular brand ? I’ve got some Krudd kutter was gonna try that

(garyscott25) #4

would that be ok ?

(darlic) #5

This would work well.

(garyscott25) #6

Cheers mate . Appreciate it

(Andy Crichton) #7

There is a post here about cleaning painted hinges. Good degreasers will work. We are fortunate nowadays to have a reasonable choice.