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Door furniture need to restore

(darlic) #1

Painting a front door and looking to restore letterbox and knocker for customer as a kind gesture they look worn was thinking, of using fluxaf then rustins brass restoer.

(Martin Guest) #2

What are they made of??? Just be careful, I know that you are doing this as a very kind gesture, but, just be really careful that it doesn’t bite you… if it all goes Pete Tong, new furniture could cost you dearly!!!

(dave D9 decor) #3

I agree with Martin - I made a similar gesture when first starting out and thinking it was brass, starting cleaning, but just destroyed what was in fact a lacquer coating!!
Once bitten twice shy!!!

(darlic) #4

Going to take your advice, will soak in krudcutter this can be used ,then use universal polish to bring up shine, or rustins metal restorer.

(dave D9 decor) #5

that wasn’t my advice…!

(darlic) #6

The krudcutter wont harm it ,the universal polish made by neales can be used with good results, its a favourite at car shows ,but can also be used on brass ,metal with excellent results.