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Fiddes Hard Wax Oil - tinted oak lightening?

(Painted Lady) #1

Any experience/views on this product for finishing?
My next projects are working on a 1930s oak desk, also dining table and chairs, all of which are filthy at the moment. Prefer to keep wood as pale/natural as possible. Do not want to use polyurethane varnish.
Thank you.

(Painted Lady) #2

I’ve just ordered some. I think the ‘oak lightening’ version is quite new. Will try it out on an old oak dining chair and report back here later with before and after photo.

(Andy Crichton) #3

Thanks for that, not a familiar product - yet. Let us know your thoughts.

(Painted Lady) #4

I’ve used it now, and would recommend it to anyone, it’s brilliant and the nicest ‘new product’ I’ve used for years.
Dries quickly - 2 hours touchdry, 24 hours hardened. I used satin finish which gives a very low gloss sheen - perfect.
Tips - really do apply it thinly, it’s a wax oil not a varnish, then rub gently along with grain with cloth to remove any excess. I used 2 thin coats, lightly sanded between and tack clothed off.
Other advantage is a little goes a long way so should last for ages.
Bef/aft pics below.

Painted Lady