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Fine finishing

(tehomas ) #21
thought you mite like a look at these andy

(darlic) #22

Whats people oppion on using emulsion,as primer undercoat on wood?any thought?Also today realigned
a wall,with 80 abranet to level out then 320 to smooth,applied a coat of emulsion,the brush glided where
i needed to cut in super smooth,and the finish looks nice,tommorow 240,then 320 in the afternoon,see
what we can achieve,i feel like we have already up our game a notch any tips?

(tehomas ) #23

emulsion as primer on wood nooooooooooooooooooooo

(matt) #24

Think Im correct in saying the cabinet scrapers are also know as Dumb scrapes aren’t they? or thats what we used to call them as apprentices, great tool

(darlic) #25

why not teho,no a lot of painters that do,i am only using on the sample pieces,anyway?

(tehomas ) #26

its plain and simply cowboy behaviour imo what if someone asks you to recreate it on there kitchen would you use emulsion ? best to carry out a correct system so that what you show is what you will do and what they will get …

(tehomas ) #27

no matt dumb scrapes are what you get falling home drunk lol
yes dumb scrapers

(darlic) #28

Hi folks i have nine doors to achieve a glassy super smooth finish,all doors are going to be painted in white oil gloss,whats your systems?Whats your thoughts on norton pads and krudcutter,and wipe with paper towel to wipe of?

(darlic) #29

Whats the highest sheen oil gloss on the market?would it be sikens or mironal?

(tehomas ) #30

(Andy Crichton) #31

Checkout Tekaloid and One Shot for super gloss

(darlic) #32

Where can you buy from Andy?never found it

(Andy Crichton) #33


(darlic) #34

Hi Andy for fine finishing work it would be better to spray rather than brush,to achieve a pucka finish,what
grades would you start on and what grades abranet finish on?

(Andy Crichton) #35

Hand painted all the way.