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Hi TP from keen DIYer in Devon

(alex.grice) #1

Quick post to introduce myself.
Many thanks for Andy agreeing that I`m not a computer - I’m just not a fan of social media (and probably don’t understand it either!)
Keen DIYer so not trade but am clear that my main weakness/fear has always been finishing - painting especially.
I am currently working on our kitchen and as we haven’t had one since we moved in I do have all the time in the world to finish (+ very forgiving wife!)

Looking forward to learning as much as I can and improving so thanks for all comments in advance!



(Andy Crichton) #2

Hi Alex

it was all binary to me too.

Ask what you like about painting and decorating though, happy to help.


(Fresh) #3

Hi Alex

Welcome on board plenty of great tips / advice to be had on here. Like Andy says ask what you like…

We’re based in Exeter, whereabouts are you in this fine county?