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High gloss finish

(DuluxMark) #1

A client of mine has requested a high gloss finish on her kitchen cupboards. I have used feelings and Helmi Matt but not a high gloss finish. I have been looking at Miranol and wondering if that would be the best option. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks. Mark

(Andy Crichton) #2

I feel some good tips on how to high gloss finish

(Paints and Interiors) #3

If you are happy to use oil based then the two gloss finishes i have tested recently are unbelievable. With proper prep - i did minimal as i was just sampling - the finish would be truly fantastic and they really are mirror like. Both by Global Paints: Brilliant Coat SB and SPU Gloss. Let me know if you need more info.

(Paul Kelly) #4

Have you thought of using sign writers enamel. I use it a lot on front doors, limited colour range may be the only problem. But it looks like glass when finished and as tough as old boots.

(Andy Crichton) #5

Have you got the photo handy of that door you did in the summer? You can upload via the arrow.

(Paul Kelly) #6

Hi All

This is the high gloss finish I mentioned. This is a picture taken when it’s dry. It’s ‘one shot signwriters enamel’ (and a lot of prep!).

Hope that helps

(Andy Crichton) #7

OK, you win so far. Thanks for sharing that. Is that a letterbox stuck on a mirror!

How much is a lot of preparation?

(Paul Kelly) #8

To be honest mate, just the usual strip, prime etc. I did use the Toupret lacquer and also rubbed it down wet in between the enamel coats. Tac rags etc. it wasn’t the shiniest I’ve done, I’ll pull out a few other pics. Now I’ve mastered the site, with the help of my far more intelligent wife :wink:

(DuluxMark) #9

It’s a brilliant white finish that the client wants. My main concern with brilliant white oil is if course yellowing. Will these paints Yellow Ben ?

(DuluxMark) #10

I’m familiar with one shot Paul which I’ve used on signs a few years ago and it had a very high gloss as the photo above shows. Thanks for the feedback I’m hoping to use something water borne as I’m a big fan of feelings and Helmi and using almost all water based products these days. I’m considering the new Dulux trade water based gloss depending on it’s durability.

(Paul Kelly) #11

Hi, there are several different whites available at Handovers. I’ve been using this for years and haven’t encountered any problems with the whites yellowing. It’s a dream to work with and levels really well. May be worth a test door…
Hope that helps

(Mark Nash) #12

Otex followed by Miranol would be my suggestion , without question


Fantastic @paulkelly , I’m liking that a lot!
Have you got a link for the One Shot please and is that gold you have used here?

(M Dunn Decorating) #14

tekaloid coach enamel is another shot. Traditional dray and coach paint, superb finish and levelling. could use a brush filler underneath if required, depending on state of doors.

we once did a barge in it once, it was still in the water when we did it. Now that was fun.

Fine finishing