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How to deal with grinning paint on woodwork (misses)

(darlic) #1

Right my door frame is ready to gloss the weekend, and on the frame there’s a slight bit grinning through. It looks like bare wood but its not, see the picture, we’re talking about something a pencil line very thin.

Now i am using mironol gloss,but am not sure whether to touch in with kids painting brush with Otex or use the Toupret gras a lacquer, or will the gloss cover? Any help appreciated.

(Andy Crichton) #2

I would expect the gloss to cover what sounds like a rogue (dry) brush mark. Matt it down, tack rag and away you go. What is the “lump” just left of centre of the white?

A small patch where Crown gloss has not dried
(darlic) #3

Thanks Andy what stain blockers do you recommend,if not bulls eye 123,the lump your looking at is a bit off otex on the frog tape.