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(richardeddington) #1

Can anyone advise on a good insurance company to cover public liability and personal insurance for a one person decorator, and what would be the sort of price you would be expected to pay. Many Thanks

(darlic) #2

Boothby taylor,check them out.cheers

(Andy Crichton) #3

Ditto Darlic’s suggestion.

They specialise in insurance for tradesmen and the first criteria for their choice of policy is: What are the insurers like to deal with when it is time to claim. Then they look at price. Refreshing approach I think in this era of “cheap first then worry about the consequences later”.

(darlic) #4

Coversure swindon might also be worth a look they specalize in detailing insurance but they also off tradesman insurance.

(richardeddington) #5

Thank you very much darlic and Andy. I will contact them both. I appreciate your advise.