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Is stabalising solution breathable

(chris911) #1

Brewers has said you should not use stabilising solution because it is not breathable is this true cheers again guys

(Ally Thompson) #2

Hi Chris I would say they’r right as it binds & sesls. I now use Owatrols EB mixed into first coat, I think its brilliant it saves an extra coat. Add a drop to water based primer uc.for extra adhesion.hope this helps .Ally

(Ray Munn Paints and Interiors) #3

Hi Chris

It all depends on which solution and system you are going to use. Silicate based clear coats used as stabilisers are highly vapour open eg: the fixativ’s used with the Keim systems have sd values of around 0.02.

(chris911) #4

Hi thanks I wanted to use the johnstones exterior system. Why are all the common brands still selling stabalising solution if it’s no good for the substrate
I have seen that touprets wall hardner is moisture vapour permeable so will use that in future.
Any other info please.:+1: