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John Worsley decorator in N London

(johnworsley) #1

Hi folks, I’m John Worsley, sole trader as Oakwood Painting in North London (Enfield/Southgate and surrounding areas). I’m a Dulux Select member and also PDA and Trust Mark. Been in the game for around 13 years now and love it - when I’ve got work! (which I’m pleased to say I have plenty of at the moment and up until July). I look forward to learning lots on this Forum and appreciate the chance to be able to share our experiences in a friendly way. :smiley:

(Andy Crichton) #2

You are welcome John. As you say, this a forum of friendly exchanges where everyone, regardless of levels of knowledge and experience, is free to ask a question, or pass on useful decorating information. Pretty simple really :slight_smile:

(Russ Pike) #3

Evening John and welcome to the TP Forum, nice to see you here and hope you find it useful. Friendliness assured!

(Fresh) #4

Hi John! Welcome aboard the good ship TP.

(J G Mason Decorator) #5

Hi John hope you enjoy your stay.