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Kitchen cabinet prep - teak oil

(dave D9 decor) #1

advice on prep please: oak kitchen cabinets with many layers of teak oil. it really is on quite thick!
best prep advice please to be ready for painting…?

(Mark West) #2

Remove as much of the Teak oil as you can with Meths and wire wool then give it a good mechanical rub down too.
1 possibly 2 coats of shellac primer (BIN et al)
3 coats of Helmi 30 for finish, it may only need 2 depending on opacity as this varies with different colours.

Denib and tack off between coats.

Et voila, you have a new kitchen.

Hope that helps

Mark TP Sussex.

(dave D9 decor) #3

thank you Mark - more meths at the ready!