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Lets talk all things brushes

(darlic) #1

Hi folks when do you decide,the brush is at the end of its life?

(bitzz) #2

when there is no bristles left on it :joy:

(darlic) #3

What about trimming when they loose shape?

(harborough_decorator) #4

Now that’s an open question!!
The life of a brush will depend on Quality of the bristle and how it has been used/looked after.
Me, as soon as I feel the brush isn’t working as I like I bin it.

(darlic) #5

can anyone recomend good large wall brushes for painting with emulsion paint?

(tehomas ) #6

do you mean cutting in or flat wall brush

(darlic) #7

for flat wall tehio.

(greenpainting) #8

For any wall painting I use Purdy Monarch 4". It’s a hefty brush when loaded but actually cuts in pretty well and holds loads. And cleans up well.