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Moisture resistant mdf (green mdf)

(Basma) #1

How do I prepare and and paint green mdf?
I have a raw green mdf for a kitchen cabinet, I have just used mdf primer/undercoat than painted it with acrylic paint. The green mdf still looks fluffy, I read some where that I should have sealed the mdf first with either sanding sealer or lacquer… please help my kitchen looks rough and the cabinet doors feels very dry… it’s hand painted kitchen.

(darlic) #2

Bullseye 123 would be my choice.

(Andy Crichton) #3

I am guessing the surface fluffed up at the first coat? That was the time to sand it back smooth. What was the “MDF primer”?

(Basma) #4

Yes it fluffed up… I have sanded it few times using both 180 and 400 to smoothen it out… but no joy.
I used regular mdf let land primer.

I sanded in between coats as well but it still looks like green mdf fluffy…

(bitzz) #5

Benjamin Moore Sure seal primer first