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Mylands paint

(Chris Graham) #1

Hi Chaps

I have a huge contract coming up and the client has specified mylands, anybody have any preferences for furniture.



(Zen) #2

Hi chris,
I use the mylands eggshell, I really like it; goes on nice and easy, stays open a reasonable time for water based. The finish is nice to touch, feels like an oil finish. I use it on white trim over bedec aqua advance primer undercoat, which has pretty good opacity. The only down side is, like many white waterbased, not great on opacity.

(Zen) #3

(Russ Pike) #4


I only ever used it once after I was given some 1 ltr samples to try. Although some TPers rave about it, I personally wasn’t that impressed and as Ciaran says ‘not great on opacity’. Talk em round to Helmi mate, if you can!

(Chris Graham) #5

Hi Russ.

I have managed to talk them round to having Helmi.


(Russ Pike) #6

Nice one Chris, I’m sure they will be very happy with the finish

(Andy Crichton) #7

@martinGuest has applied a great deal of Mylands product. Not without its issues, positive too though.

(Martin Guest) #8

Yes that is correct