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Mysterious paint/woodstain

(Holty) #1

Hello everybody,
Just been to look and some exterior windows and they have been painted with a variety of finishes so I will have to cover paint and stain in gloss, satin and matt finishes! It’s not very pretty but it seems to be well stuck on. Could anyone suggest a good way to move forward with this? I have taken a few photos, what do you think?
Thank you!

(darlic) #2

Sadoline superdec gloss would be my choice?

(Holty) #3

Thanks Jason. That one has crossed my mind. Any special precautions to take or prep with that option?

(dave D9 decor) #4

Thorough prep. Spot prime knots with shellac, One, possibly two coats Cover Stain, then two coats of preferred topcoat

(Holty) #5

Simples eh Dave?!
Thanks for all your input, much appreciated.