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Need storage advice

(darlic) #1

Hi guys at the moment i am having trouble with storing my kit,i don’t have a van at present but will be certainly looking next year,but worried about leaving equipment overnight,is this a risk you have to take,i am thinking off investing in a large double bolted shed,the area is very good but you do hear off the occasional problem,i did even think about hiring storage space you can access 24hours ,but think a shed will be the best solution,at present i am using large plastic box’s with trolly to move kit about,any advice much appreciated how the pro,s deal with this problem.

(Jop Timmers) #2

Did you know that in Brisbane, Australia, Dulux offers storage at their decorating centre? The painter has his own box at the centre, accessible with his own key. I think outdoors. Now that is a good service, if you ask me.