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Newel Post

(richardeddington) #1

Can anybody advise on the best solution to paint wearing away on newel post balls. It is a problem as most people hold onto them going up or coming down the stair and hence gets a lot of wear. Is oil better than water based? Is there a coating that can be applied after dec’s?. About to do a job and need to resolve this issue prior to starting.

(tehomas ) #2

hi Richard do you have a photograph ? that would help with a diagnosis.

(Andy Crichton) #3

If the timber is nice, maybe remove paint from newel balls and apply a few coats of a translucent white Kiva lacquer. Or leave them natural and apply some Patina or clear wood treatment, so dirt isnt so obvious.

(richardeddington) #4

Thanks teho and Andy
problem getting back to take photo due to my commitments and the clients availability. I will try the Kiva lacquer but what water based paint is good enough for the finished coat to give longevity.

(Andy Crichton) #5

2 or 3 coats of Kiva lacquer is furniture quality. Or go further with a floor lacquer equivalent.

(dave D9 decor) #6

Even if paint doesn’t wear away it always looks grubby quickly, so I always offer to strip newel post tops or acorns back to wood (usually to match the handrail) and then varnish or oil.

(tehomas ) #7

benjamin moore advance or tikkurilla helmi probably fair the best in the scratch test
there is one other that outshines them both for strength and durability
but you would have to get it shipped over from the states and the import charges would probably give you a heart attack .

(richardeddington) #8

Thanks to you all. All very good advice which now gives me options to discuss with the client.