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Non Yellowing Oil Based Gloss or Acrylic Gloss Recommendation

(darlic) #21

My decorating merchants has started selling farrow and ball gloss,whats the feedback, can you add owatroll oil to it.cheers

(dave D9 decor) #22

all F&B is water based so if you must add an extender make sure its Floetrol not Owatrol.
I use F&B estate eggshell regularly and I like its flow and final ‘lustre’ finish. It doesn’t need an extender. However I didn’t think the gloss was particularly good finish- its certainly not a 'High" gloss finish.

(Andy Crichton) #23

To maximise sheen, gras a lacquer is our friend.

(darlic) #24

Whats the feedback on dulux qd gloss since this article was written ?

(darlic) #25

Hi folks what’s the highest shine gloss paint out there for interior doors? Going to use toupret gras laquier.Did look at fine paints of Europe,but they have no agent in uk?