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Painting ceiling and coving different sheen

(darlic) #1

My friend recommend to me to paint living room ceiling in sheen,then paint coving in Matt has anyone heard off this before,are there any tricks that could be passed on,also has anyone used a monarch 38m,50m brush on coving what do they think are they worth buying,must admit there a funny shape.

Best paint for coving and ceiling
(Russ Pike) #2

Did they recommend to you, to paint theirs or yours?
Why would you want two different sheen’s? If its a plaster finish painting it with any sheen will highlight every imperfection and trowel mark, don’t do it!

Are you referring to the Purdy Monarch Elite? A 2" or 2.5" would be ideal for standard 4" or 5" coving!

Regards Russ

(darlic) #3

I am looking for a good qualiy paint to use on coving ceiling in front room something with a nice sheen,any recomedations.cheers

(darlic) #4

Any ideas on using mythic eggshell for coving ,ceiling.

(darlic) #5

Want to paint coving, but looking at it theres a few nibs in coving, and two small drips call me fussy just want to get the best finish I can any idea’s on best paper to use, will slightly gouge out joints and recaulk joints.give it all a light rub over.

(Paints and Interiors) #6

Hi Darlic,

Try eicó Alterior (can be used both internally and externally, great hiding power and exceptionally hard wearing) range. Matt has a sheen of 5, Eggshell is a 20 and Satin is a 30. Recommendations can come from fellow TP er James Andrew Graham who loved the stuff!

If you need any info just ask.


(darlic) #7

Thanks have a tin off this in gloss, its water based if I am right, have you tried the eggshell on a ceiling before ?

(Paints and Interiors) #8

Yes - Waterbased.

I have not tried the Eggshell on the ceiling but it will cover well. Depending on size of the ceiling, it may pay to add a drop of Floetrol or water.

(darlic) #9

Hi folks i have coving to paint its had quiet a few coats over the years no cares been put into the job,lots of bits to sand out any recommendations,on best abranet to use or tools to make the job easyer?Got a handy pad with abranet also bought myself a floor duster on pole fits perfect ,should be able to whizz ,dust of coving easy,then gardz when i have acheived a super smooth finish.cheers

(Andy Crichton) #10

How about a rectangular interface pad and 180 grade abranet, that will take the profile and easy to get a good grip on it. Vacuum in the other hand…

(darlic) #11

thank you so much.cheers