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Paints and Interiors E Anglia- Traditional Painter Associate supplier

(Paints and Interiors) #1

I can not believe i have been following TP for all this time and not yet found the forum!

Anyway - A Good Morning to all.

I own and run Paints & Interiors and independant decorating supply company based in Norfolk. I stock and distribute paints and oils for eicó, ican, Keim, Osmo, Scala, Alcro, Owatrol, Solignum - and others to come! I also distribute for Krud Kutter, Wooster, 3M etc.

For those who are interested in Lime - i also stock and distribute Fibrelime flexible Lime Putty, and can supply laths, Mesh and Skanda boards.

I have used around 90% of the products i stock in my 17 odd years on the tools prior to opening the shop so i have a fair amount of background knowledge - although i am always keen top know more and engage as much as i can with trades where ever possible.

Please do ask me any questions i will do my best to help. Supply wise if it is European/Scandi then call me as i have connections through suppliers to some of the best products on the market.

Looking forward to dealong with you all!

Kind regards,


(Russ Pike) #2

Hi Ben,

Its nice to see suppliers here on the forum and with your knowledge and product range, I think you will be good to have around.
I have a fair bit of experience with Keim products and I’m still playing with the Eico and Ican samples you sent me, I will post my feedback on here if that’s OK?

Cheers, Russ

(Paints and Interiors) #3

Thanks Russ - anything i can help with just ask. Look forward to feedback as and when.

Kind regards, Ben

(Andy Crichton) #4

look forward to the benefit of your experience with the Scandinaian paints especially