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Potential First Kitchen To Paint

(garyscott25) #21

Looks fantastic .

(Mark West) #22

BIN or other Shellacs always look dreadful when hand painting it believe me :grin: Its main purpose is to stop tannin bleed on hardwoods (And knots) a job that it does really well. Taking the doors off site and spraying the primer is a solution. Even in situ it rubs back really well and doesn’t compromise the finish in any way.

(markjuk) #23

Well I’m 2 years down the line from that first kitchen I did and have done a good number since then.

This is the latest one I completed.

Used Zinsser Coverstain and Tikkurila Empire on this one. Was asked to paint the shelves and insides of the cupboards too. Finished it off by fitting new hinges and handles.

I start another one tomorrow morning and have 2 more to fit in before Xmas.

Painting kitchens all started for me from finding Traditional Painter and learning from the best. :smiley:


Looks very nice mate, must have taken a wee while having to paint inside as well ?

Have only had one kitchen where the insides were to be painted, must say it was a pain as all the shelves were fixed and I’m not as flexible as I used to be !!

Good luck with the next two :+1:

(FX Decor Ltd) #25

Top job there mark, looks great. :+1:t2:

(markjuk) #26

Thanks Neil.

It’s the only one that I’ve done where the customer insisted on the shelving and interior of the cupboards being painted.

The shelves were fixed in too. Was a bit of a squeeze with a couple of them but not too bad overall.

(markjuk) #27

Thanks Richard.

Was an enjoyable one to do and customer was thrilled with the end result. Ended up doing some furniture off the back of it as well.

(darlic) #28

Top quality work as usual,mark

(chris911) #29

Hi Mark Ive just washed down my first kitchen with bradite industrial Degreaser (off the shelf at brewers). 1.How did you protect the floor when washing down. 2.what grade of abrasive did you use first? In which order did you paint the 1.doors/drawers 2.kick plates 3.carcus?

(chris911) #30

How long did it take in total?