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Practasing cuting in celinig lines?

(darlic) #1

Hi folks I am looking to practise increasing my speed on cutting in,only have one wall,to use.Was thinking marking some pencil lines,across and down,to cut against,any other idears?

(Andy Crichton) #2

Try painting straight level lines free hand by eye. To gauge how straight they are draw a line along the top of each of your painted lines with a spirit level and see the difference, if any.

I hope that makes sense?

I did a similar thing as an apprentice, with circles. An art master, who I have referred to on the website in the past, would have us try draw a circle free hand and then check for accuracy by tracing over the circle with a pair of compasses.

The less you think, the more accurate your achievable results should be.

(tehomas ) #3

hi Jason if you use a podium style stepladder you can lock your arm and move your body rather than your arm this will help with stability and if you use a biger brush say a 3 or 4 inch it will sit on the wall better

(darlic) #4

Do you have a picture of suitable one? Was thinking of hop up steps?Any of your valuable input much appracited.

(darlic) #5

Practised today,going to stick lining paper to wall,that way I can when finished tear down and put another piece up saves waiting for paint to dry.

(tehomas ) #6

werner podium ladders are what i use various sizes but the neat thing about them are the interchangeable locking boxes ,that allow you to be free from holding a scuttle