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Practice time

(Holty) #1

Hello chaps,

I found myself with with a few days off work (again!) and thought I’d do some practicing. So, going to have a go at my mums 6 panel timber door (not glass). Got some Coverstain and Dulux wb Diamond eggshell left over so that’s what she’s having! I’ve done a few of these now but it’s been a while but as its a practice session I’ve got more time so could experiment a bit. So, any tips on sequence, rolling/laying off vs brushing, brushes etc would be great. Also was thinking about getting some conditioner for the Coverstain.



(darlic) #2

Water-based use a damp purdy,thin a bit to flow and dont lay of to much,or brush lines come,as for coverstain prefer spray can much faster,go well with it.cheers

(Holty) #3

Hmm, hadn’t thought about using the cans. Seen them but never used them. Would need to be meticulous with the sanding and filling if I used the aerosol wouldn’t I?