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Preparation and paint for mould and mildew surfaces

(darlic) #1

I have problem with a room i am decorating it has mould mildew,i used chemical designed to prepare surface left it on 20 minutes,done it twice,made a difference but never got rid off it,once dried off i spot primed with bullseye which covered well,then paint whole wall with bullseye give it nice finish,can anyone recommend a good product to remove mould mildew,and best procedure thanks guys :frowning: :?

(Andy Crichton) #2

Hi Jason, check out this post from a previous thread.

Kill the spores - if you followed the instructions with the product you chose that should be fine (What was the product?) and then coat with an appropriate paint - more than a matt sheen and additives that resist further mildew growth. A suitable Zinsser product would be PermaWhite.

(darlic) #3

Another mistake,used ever build fungerside wash then once dry bulls eye 123,another lesson learned i think andy i will give up instead write book of decorating mistakes.

(DavidJ) #4

Just out of interest, why was that a mistake?

(Andy Crichton) #5

A shortcoming in Bullseye 123, it does not have the fungicidal properties of Permawhite

(DavidJ) #6

So if Darlic had put Permawhite on top, he wouldn’t have had a problem?

(Andy Crichton) #7

Perms white is a more appropriate choice to cover all bases. If he has dealt with the original issue he hasn’t got a problem. Mould and water are cleverer than us so improve your odds where you can :slight_smile:

(DavidJ) #8

Is it worthwhile or necessary to cover a bare surface that’s been treated for mould with Coverstain before using Permawhite do you think?

(Andy Crichton) #9

[quote]Quote from DavidJ on April 26, 2014, 20:21
Is it worthwhile or necessary to cover a bare surface that’s been treated for mould with Coverstain before using Permawhite do you think?[/quote]

Perma White is self priming. That doesnt mean it will necessarily give you the finish / build up you want in every case, but I would think you will be fine here following the conventional spec.

(DavidJ) #10

I was kind of thinking about build-up in speccing it! It’s that customer’s shed I have that other post about. It’s kind of driving me nuts tbh. Partly because the Perma-White only comes in 4 or 10 litre cans. 4 might be just enough for two coats, if I used a primer, which is why I was thinking CoverStain. Now you’ve got me thinking, should I forget the CoverStain, get the 10 litres and use it for three coats on the walls and one on the floor before Bedec Floor Paint?

I am overthinking it, I know, but I just want to get it right.

(darlic) #11

I used perma white on inside exterior door,washed the door over with a fungicidal wash,then applied perma white,covers really well,but Andy your right as build up,i might have been better applying two coats off undercoat then the perma white.

(DavidJ) #12

What’s the Perma white like to put on?

(darlic) #13

Very easy,this is reference for all decorators zinsser do a booklet,on how to solve problems on different surfaces with there products check it out ,happy decorating keep pressing on.

(darlic) #14

HI folks has anyone heard of Faren muffycid ?ment to be exellent at removing mould and mildew.cheers

(darlic) #15

Used today and very impressed .

(Ally Thompson) #16

The best stuff I’ve seen & used for mould is dairy farm hypoclorite.its £14 for 20 Lt drum dilute about 5- 1 with water & put in spray bottle or pressure sprayer. Spray on surface & leave for an hour &rinse. No more mould or green alge its amazing. Paint walls & ceilings with warmcoat insulating paint another brilliant product

(darlic) #17

Will order doses it remove staining as well some fungerside just kill it but leave staining?cheers

(darlic) #18

Where do you buy from.cheers

(Ally Thompson) #19

I get it from a local farm suppliers. I’ve also seen it in builders merchants. We,r kinda classed as rural here in Northern Ireland. Yes it also kills the stains, it leaves concrete like new & will kill the red staining mould you get on exterior walls in more rural areas.if I can work out how to do it I’ll post some photos