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Problem solving primer?

(Holty) #1

Hello everybody,
My mum has just told me that she wants to paint a load of varnished woodwork at her place and has asked me the best way to go about it. Am I right in thinking that there is some kind of primer she could use under her top coat of choice? I thought I’d read about one here or seen it on one of the websites. Any ideas?

(Andy Crichton) #2


the search icon top right will help you find suitable posts. If there is no answer there, then please ask some more.

(darlic) #3

Hi lee Zinsser B- I- N primer sealer,goodluck jason

(Martin Guest) #4

… Or Pegaprim Isofix - tinted to the topcoat colour; starts to build the colour from the first coat. Remember to degrease (KKO) and abrade to form a key… Could also use something like Glossoff. Get Isofix from Holman Specialist Paint - hand tinted accurately by professionals!

(Holty) #5

Thanks Andy. Will try and get some photos up later.

Cheers Jason, I’ll have a read up on that one.

(Holty) #6

Didn’t see you there Martin, thanks for that.

(Andy Crichton) #7

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(darlic) #8

Hi folks what problem solving primers do you keep on the van?

(pd67) #9

Think Zinsser: Gardz, Bin, Bullseye 123, Otex high adhesion,
They’re my main ones.


I have in my Van, Otex ( water based and oil ) Zinsser Bin and Coverstain, both paint and spray can plus some Gardz.

Also knocking about is an old tin of Aluminium primer.

(darlic) #11

Hi martin can you spot prime this product,or do you have to do a whole wall.

(Martin Guest) #12

Sorry for really late reply!!!.. basically, it’s akin to BIN, so however you use BIN, use Isofix in exactly the same way. I just like that it is available tinted 80% accurate and helps me with the depth of colour of topcoats, as a result.

Again sorry.

(Ally Thompson) #13

Hi guys
I’ve found another primer. Johnstones stain block primer. Its oil based & dries quickly. 2 hour recoat just like coverstain. It has very good adhesion & sands glass smooth very easily. Don’t get confused with Advanced stain block primer which is shellac based. Try it . My local jonos trade centre has stopped doing zinsser.

(darlic) #14

yes the one your talking about heard a few good things,doses it brush nicely.cheers

(Ally Thompson) #15

It brushes well but as it dries fast it can leave brush marks but no more than usual. I rolled a panel but didn’t tip off. It left a texture but easily sanded glass smooth

(darlic) #16

might be worth thinning down a bit?