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Professional decorator Scotland

(B Richardson Decorating) #1

Hi guys, thought i’d sign up and stop lurking, great site have viewed it from Twitter days , may already know me from PPS etc , hope i can contribute if i can , loads of great info here for me let alone DIY’ers :sunglasses:
Cheers Baz :slight_smile:

(Andy Crichton) #2

Hi, we certainly do know you from PPS and thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and input on your favourite subjects.

(Aggie) #3

Hello Baz,

Good to see you here.

(Russ Pike) #7

Hi Bazza,

Good to see you on here as well as the Agg miester!

All we need now is to get it misted out and were good to go.

(B Richardson Decorating) #8

lol, cheers , what about CR is he on too?