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Removing virosol - paint not adhering

(Dave King) #1

Cleaned pine wardrobe with Virosol. Applied primer and it is bubbling in certain areas. I am guessing the virosol is still doing its job. Any experience of this or suggestions on how to retrospectively resolve?

(darlic) #2

Never used but its always worth making sure the chemical is wiped off ,otherwise it will still be active.cheers

(Dave King) #3

Have denibbed and re-cleaned with both meths and warm water. Hopefully, that will take care of it?

(Andy Crichton) #4

Virosol has its fans, it is however very strong stuff, so follow instructions to make sure you don’t over do it. Diluted correctly apparently it will last a long time too. Double winner.


When using Virosol on woodwork I use 25/75 (Virosol/water) for kitchen units I use a 50/50 mix, stronger if very dirty.

Once you have done cleaning with it then you must give it a good rinse off with clean water and dry off, go and have a coffee and then go back and rinse off again with clean water.

As Andy said, it goes miles and is very good but its also very strong and need a double rinse.

(Dave King) #6

Thanks for your input. I denibbed, washed with warm water, rinsed and then once over with meths & that appears to have done the job. Will definitely rinse better first time around next time!

What do people use as alternatives?