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Rocco Lincrustas New design for 2013

(Andy Sarson) #1

New for 2013 – Rocco from Lincrusta

Inspired by the fine carvings of the Florentine sculptors of the 16th century, Rocco is the latest addition to the Lincrusta collection – a delicate damask of architectural and natural forms, flowing with intricate acanthus and leaves.
Roll Dimensions 533mm (21 inches) x 10 m (11yards)
Design Repeat 1016mm (40 inches) Straight match

For further information visit

(Russ Pike) #2

You have a lovely way with words Mr Lincrusta, it just flows off the tongue!

I’ll look forward to installing that one

(Andy Sarson) #3

Oh Yes Mr Pike you know us Lincrusta guys like the best!!