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Safe low tack tape for lining paper on hardwood floors

(darlic) #1

Continuing the discussion from Quick drying fillers:

I have a top spec kitchen to paint all the skirtings and doors. Already done some work before for customer. I have advised for the edges to use lining paper taped down. What will the best low tack tape be for that. Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

(darlic) #2

Hi folks whats the best low tack tape to use on laminate flooring with lining paper.Last year pulled a little bit of material of floor with a low tack tape how can you avoid this from happening.When taping i try to use as little tape as needed and overlap on lining paper.

(Andy Crichton) #3

If you put tape direct to the laminate floor and walk over it for any period of time it tends to bond more than expected.

Otherwise, in my experience, a laminate should take a mid tack tape like the blue 2090 without any repercussions for a good few days.

In general, the less tack the better but try and decide the right tack by trying and testing a small area before going for the whole floor.