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Sanding awkward areas

(darlic) #1

Whats tools do you utilize to sand awkward areas?

(richardeddington) #2

Hi darlic
There is a very cheap way you could sand awkward places and that is to form strips of wood to whatever thickness or circumference required, sand down to get rid of splinters and wrap your sanding sheets around the strips of wood. I acknowledge that this will not cover all eventualities but it does the job in certain situations. this allows pressure to be applied and control of the sanding. Hope this gives room for thought.

(darlic) #3

great stuff Richard,you can also use puty knife or a stiring stick,wrap some abranet round,
the festool pocket stickfix works well as well.cheers

(Dave King) #4

I use a Festool RTS 400 to get into corners and recently bought a multi-tool from Lidl with a delta head attachment, which gets into more difficult areas.

(darlic) #5

can you add a photo of delta head attachment my friend not sure what you mean.cheers

(Dave King) #6

(Andy Crichton) #7

I didn’t have much long term durability luck with this sanding pad and abranet. Your mileage may vary with other abrasives.