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Sanding disc help

(dazco) #1

I am struggling to locate some 5 inch 8 hole decent sanding discs for a Flex random orbital sander. I was going to use abranet but they seem to expensive and mainly sold in boxes of 50. Any good alternatives or suppliers ?

While I am at it does anyone know if the extractor extension adapter for the flex sander fits a 20mm mirka hose?

(Russ Pike) #2

Try these:
Or these:

Great service with next day delivery

(dazco) #3

Are the sia abrasives any good Russ? I think I may have used a wet and dry paper of theirs and it never fell apart during useā€¦

(Russ Pike) #4

Yes they are mate, I used to use them a lot for cosmetic repair work and at that money for box of 100 you cant go wrong, will check on the mirka / flex pipes tomorrow and let you know. I have them both in back of the van

(dazco) #5

If the holes in those sia pads align with the holes in the Flex random orbital then that is going to be great! I have a standard hoover pipe and a 20mm mirka flexi pipe that connect to a nilfisk extractor I use

(Russ Pike) #6

here you go Daz co. If you have a Mirka extractor aswell the flex machines also operate the auto suction operation

(Russ Pike) #7

(5Bridge) #8

Have you tried Morrells, they are a great company and do lots of discs and started doing Mirka too

Good luck