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Sanding sealer

(M Dunn Decorating) #1

Ok does any one still use sanding sealer?

I used to use it but then I found with most bare timber that I applied wax or stain to I got a good result without it.

Now my workshop is up and running, sort of, I have been playing around with finishes on different types of wood.

I have gone back to using sanding sealer on a couple of pine work tops that have been sanded back to within an inch of their lives. I must admit I have been well pleased with the final results and was wandering if any one still used it.

I managed to find an old bottle of sanding sealer in the back of the garage and I do remember my local DDC selling of there old stock a while back.

Teak and pine it might be the way forward or back in a more traditional sense.


(Puma) #2

Certainly I would with a stained product. Fillers, areas where glue has penetrated and rough areas soak in the stain at different rates, so in those products it’s pretty essential.

(Andy Crichton) #3

Sanding sealer also has the advantage that the surface will be all stain blocked should someone decide on future overpainting. Not that I would repaint anything you did Mart, cause it will be very nicely done.