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Skim Filling

(Holty) #1

Hello chaps,
My mate is having an extension and full interior re-dec. The builder recommended plastering all the walls but my mate could do without the added expense. He’s going to have a go at prepping the walls himself so I said I’d help him. I was thinking of using the ready mixed Toupret 130 and then my RTS400. But would I need to seal/prime the walls before filling? If so, what do you suggest?
Many thanks

(darlic) #2

What condition are the walls in? Is it already painted with emulsion, .cheers

(Rob Dineen) #3

Just tell him to reskim it. By the time u skim coat it with filler then rub it down then mist then re fill and so on. The Rts isn’t designed for rubbing walls like that so it’ll need a good service after it all and thats if it’s still working.

Quicker to re skim and will work out cheaper and better in the long term

(Holty) #4

Hello chaps,
Darlic: The walls were in fairly good condition apart from one room which is getting plastered.
Rob: Good point re the RTS. I must admit it seems like a lot of steps before you get to a paintable surface. It’s just that I’d read about painters ‘skimming’ the walls and sanding to smooth finish without getting plasterers involved.