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Spraying radiator with Rustins Radiator paint

(darlic) #1

Last job in room,i normally paint but looking to go that bit further,i intend to spray with enamel,i no i will have to tape area to avoid off spray,has anyone got any recommendation on this,what spray to use,i will use lining paper taped behind,with delicate tape to wall,i think it will stand out more if sprayed than brush painted,and will take no longer. :smiley: Thanks guys :smiley:

Non Yellowing Oil Based Gloss or Acrylic Gloss Recommendation
(darlic) #2

Using rustins radiator paint,must say very impressed,easy splattered,but lovely enamel gloss,i tried using radaitor roller but found brush more effective,has anyone else used this paint,you can use it on wood,on my skirting I used miranol with otex undercoat. The rustin paint leaves better sheen than the miranol. will be intresting to see how long the sheen lasts,will it go yellow after a couple of months we’ll see, if not I will try it on doors,skirting. Let you know what i think.

(Andy Crichton) #3

Has the Rustins yellowed since January

(darlic) #4

Hi Andy one room I used rustins ,yes it has yellowed a bit, but looked good at first ,in another room I used miranol and and correct preparation the miranol still looks the same as the day I done it will be using on living room.cheers

(darlic) #5

Has anyone sprayed mironal on radiators?

(Andy Crichton) #6

Did the paint keep its colour better than the Rustins?

(darlic) #7

Yes nice drop of paint the mironal