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Stacking system for drying handpainted doors

(Ray Horan) #1

Hi ,I had a bit of a dilema as to where to put eight mahogany wardrobe doors to dry as they can take up a lot of room in the store.I purchased two eight foot decking boards and six lengths of two by one for 25 euro and came up with this rack only took an hour to put together.Im also going to put the grey one inch lagging for pipework over each two by one they will just slide on top to protect painted surfaces.The system works really well for me,

(Ray Horan) #2

Sorry but my pictures wont upload guys

(Andy Crichton) #3

There is a 2MB limit per photo, I suspect that is your problem. Any sort of photo preview app on your PC should be able to resize with a click. Save and insert into your post

(2MB is a massive image btw! most images on this site are no more than 0.3MB)

(Ray Horan) #4

Thanks for that i reduced the size and they are on my next post ,