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Straining paint

(garyscott25) #1

Hi all . Just seeing what u all use for straining paints .? We use stockings for oil based paints and a sive for emulsion / water based products . I’d love to know if there is anything out there that is better . Thanks

(Andy Crichton) #2

That covers it for brush and roller work? Without wishing to state the obvious, never use the paint brush you are going to work with to force the last remnants of paint through your filter of choice.

(darlic) #3

As for stiring paint the paint shop we use said the paint dosent need stiring as long as its not longer than 45 minites after picking up do you still stir anyway?

(garyscott25) #4

Hahahah cheers Andy . Yeah kinda got that bit . Ha . Just ordered some filters from my paintbrush. Co so gonna give them a try . Saves the strange looks wen buying stockings in boots :grinning:

(darlic) #5

Have you noticed on some of theses cheaper emulsions,when you open the tin bits fall in.?

(garyscott25) #6

I have . Or if it’s an old tin the shop has had for ages starts going bitty . We just strain everything now bran new or not .