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Stripping wax

(Zen) #1

Hi folks
i have some woodwork to paint in eggshell, it has been previously finished in wax.
Does any one have any solutions that dont involve stinky toxic wax stripper and wirewool?

(darlic) #2

Your never done with learning,what might be worth looking at is old masters cleaner wax remover?

(richardeddington) #3

Hi Zen
I used Krud Kutter to remove wax on a coffee table recently and boy did it work. Trouble is it seems it is now hard to get hold of, but if you can buy some.

(Zen) #4

Thanks Richard, that would be a perfect alternative to the solvent stuff. I will see if i can find some.

(Zen) #5

Thanks J, have you used that? Is it solvent?

(darlic) #6

Spoke to a antique restorer I no he uses warm water and vinegar 50/50 to remove wax.

(Martin Guest) #7

Give Fluxaf Graffiti Clean a whirl… turns wax into a “gel” which can be easily removed (scraped); awesome!!! don’t use on previously painted substrate though as it could damage the paint - I use on varnished/waxed kitchens…

(Zen) #8

Thank Martin, i just recieved the fluxaf and will give it a go. These are stripped pine door frames, that need to be painted.

(Dave King) #9

Is Fluxaf Graffiti still the best solution for wax removal on pine furniture that is being painted / sprayed?

(darlic) #10

Hi an antique restorer i no uses vinger mixed with water,never tried it.