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Teknos furniture paint

(Zen) #1

Hi folks,
i had the pleasure today of using Teknos semi matt furniture paint. What a lovely drop of gear!
I am interested to know if anyone here has used it and how they liked it, i am particularly interested in finding out if anyone has used it in white, how well it covers, what undercoat ?etc
Who have you used to supply it?

(Andy Crichton) #2

Have you got any more feedback on this product?

(Zen) #3

Hi Andy
yeah, i bought the white to try on trim. As soon as i dipped the stir stick and wiped it off i coul see it was near translucent, i tryed it on a sample that i was preparing for some fitted furniture coverage was awful so i called them at teknos and the kindly aggreed to swap it out. I had used some mixed into Farrow and balll wevet and the body was great, so ordered some F B All white, which i am using on a staircase at present, i figure its close enough to white.
Any way i ordered the 1100 primer and sprayed it, the primer levels nicely and powders on the rubb back, good body too.
i sprayed the kristal topp semi matt 1st topcoat, and brushed a final coat. Lovely gear Andy. Similar to Tikkurilla its about £35 for 3 litres plus 10 for next day delivery. Orderd direct.