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Tikkurila Helmi Primer - how many coats

(Dave) #1

I am painting some wood with Helmi primer having sanded the old paint flat. Some areas were thinner so you can see those patches. I have applied one coat and it has flattened nicely. I am not sure if I should add another coat of primer or go for two coats of Helmi 5 Matt? I really think more primer coats is best but would appreciate the views of more experienced users.

What would fellow Tikkurila users do?



(Andy Crichton) #2

Always make sure the basecoats are solid before applying topcoats, ie don’t rely on topcoat coverage of Helmi.

5 - is that a typo or are you product testing?

(Dave) #3

Oops! That’s a typo, it should be 10!!

Thanks Andy, I decided to add another coat of primer and it is starting to please me now. I will add a third one and I think it should be done!

The client said “You don’t rush it do you Dave, I am pleased to see you taking pride in it!” She is a guinea pig really so I’m being paid (not that much) to improve my skills and feed my OCD perfection mindset :yum:

(5Bridge) #4

i always paint base coats to obliteration phase - the surface and not me i mean !

(chris911) #5

Would you say All bare wood should have 3 coats of undercoat /primer before topcoat?