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Tool kits

(darlic) #1

Hi folks what do you carry in your tool kit how many brushs/roller/tapes,fillers/filling blades extra ,what do you keep them in,trying to get my kit organized.


Apart from the usual rollers and brushes, a Bahco Ratchet Screwdriver, bit set, continental filling blades, fugi set, pavan trowel, an artist brush and my go to purdy 6 in1 which has been honed…

(Bernard Elgar) #3

I’ve found my kit bags have grown simply.
Brushes, rollers, tape, putty knives, etc in one, general “handyman” tools in second and dust extraction pipes, fittings, hand sander, sanding sheets in a third. Power tools I keep in their various boxes. I’m still adding to all this as I go.

(darlic) #4

Have you seen the tower storage boxs on wheels?

(Bernard Elgar) #5

I’ve looked at them. In my case unmarked flexible holdalls suit me as they look unimportant. I also found wheels sound like a good idea until you come across stairs/tight spaces.