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Toupret Gras a Laquer and Sikkens AZ Plus

(markjuk) #1

I spent a lot of time on this front door. Full description on my blog -

(garyscott25) #2

Pure class that mate

(darlic) #3

She,a beauty ,toupret gras a laquer ,doses work exceptionally well on black and reds.

(darlic) #4

what did you clean brass with and how much owatrol did you add to paint?

(garyscott25) #5

Do u prefer the az gloss to the xd ? Are they as shiny as each other

(markjuk) #6

I didn’t Jason, the customer did but I don’t know what they used.

I added 5% Owatrol.

(markjuk) #7

Hi Gary, a couple of people had said that they thought the XD was taking longer to dry so that’s why I went with the AZ.

Think the XD might have a slightly better gloss level but having said that the AZ still produced a fantastic mirror like finish.

(garyscott25) #8

I have never used the az that’s why I asked I have used the xd an it did take ages to dry I left it full 16 hours before closing and it still stuck . I must say I thought it was difficult to use. I waited 48 hours before second coat thinking it would flow on better an still struggled with it . And I’m sure it is not a better finish than the az . Well mine wasn’t :flushed:. Looks fantastic that door mate

(markjuk) #9

I made sure that the customer was going to be in all day. I was finishing a coat around 10/11am and they were leaving the door open until about 11pm and it was dry. No sticking to the frame.

I left 24 hours between coats. It sanded easily and the paint was a pleasure to use.

Thanks, I’m really chuffed with it myself. The customer was amazed at the transformation.

(garyscott25) #10

It’s pure class mate . Best I’ve seen to be honest . It’s hard to get customers who would pay for that kind of finish I find . I mean how did u price it . As in for the job or by the hour .? I mean I think summat that good is worth say £500 but would people pay that

(markjuk) #11

I was doing all the exterior so it was easy to incorporate it into the overall job.

If I had another one on its own I’d just price it by the hour.

(garyscott25) #12

Very true . Looked at your blog and web site . Ur producing some really good work . If u don’t mind me asking how do you know how to do all Lincrusta? I’ve been decorating since 99 when I started my apprenticeship and I did level 3 nvq. And worked for myself since 2011 and I’d like to think I’m a good decorator and I really enjoy paper hanging but I would not feel confident in putting up Lincrusta as it was at college wen I last did it .

(garyscott25) #13

Not being funny it’s just you said u been decorating 6 years an that’s amazing work so that’s why was asking . U must just be a natural hahaha

(markjuk) #14

I did the Lincrusta training course last year. That job on my blog is the first and only time I’ve been asked to hang Lincrusta so far.

I had to ring Andy Sarson (Mr Lincrusta) a couple of times for advice on that job but it turned out well. I learnt a lot doing it.

Never been one to shy away from having a go at things.

(garyscott25) #15

That’s top mate . Where did you do your course . I’m based around Manchester and I’d love to do one . Looked really good . Although does seem a lot of faffin hahaha

(markjuk) #16

I did the course at Accrington College.

(darlic) #17

its a shiny beast looking forward to the next one.well done.

(garyscott25) #18

Thanks mark il look into that

(darlic) #19

How much did the course cost mark,